Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bye, Bye blonde... hello clomid!

Farewell my luscious blonde streaks that brighten up my hair! Hello my natural light brown color. :( ... I tried in insert a picture of my hair here, but failed to do so. 1st time using the webcam & couldn't figure out where it saved the pic! Oh well.

So, I was stressed out last night about whether to work for my hubby when he opens his practice in a couple months OR to take a part time Pre-K position. It shouldn't be that hard, but I tend to make things more difficult than they really are... I've decided this morning to turn down the Pre-K job and work for DH for a while. (as in 6-9months) Hmm.. yes, 9 months from now would be ideal. ;)

During my moments of stress, I looked down at my cell phone and saw an "event" on my calendar. What in the world? ... It said "START CLOMID"! How I forgot that today was the day, I don't know! That completely turned my mood around. As I am downing a Pepsi and poppin' chocolate chips into my mouth I take my 1st Clomid pill! Yay!

Question for the wise folks: I was told to start testing for ovulation on day 10. (By the way-- I need an abbreviation cheat sheet!) Do I test just once a day? What time? I've heard so many different things. Do the cheap brands work or should I buy the clear blue tests? I don't have the whopper $200-300 one. Lil' sticks are gonna have to do for now. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spoke too soon...

Hmm... Just last night I was saying to myself.. "..Self. You are doing really good on these 'get your period going meds!.' No moodswings whatsoever!" Then out of the blue-- WHAM! Poor hubby didn't know what hit him. Something he said that normally wouldn't have caused a second thought made me furious and then sparked a stinkin' water fall.

*Sigh*. What did I do? Drive to the nearest starbucks of course!!

I'm much better now. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Step 1...

Learn how to make your blog look slightly more interesting than a slice of bread....

Step 2-- Add lots of fun gadgets on the side!! ---ehh. Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow's lesson.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh to be a blogger...

Hellooooooo fellow bloggers! Today is the day I begin airing out my preggo journey to the world. (ehh-- or maybe just to the one friend who recruited me to be a blogger. Thanks Jenn..) Either way, here goes nothing.

Quick summary?: .... We've been married a year (June 28, 2008 was the big day). Off birth control since Aug. 2008. That would be 12 months now. Husband was a little concerned of babies popping out right after the "I do's". I reassured him that since I only have my lil "friend" once or twice a year, it's probably not likely. Tis true for us. NOW we're ready to get those babies a flowin'. So, I just went to the doctor today. He said I have PCOS. (figured) I'm now supposed to take some meds to jump start my period and then take Clomid.

Yes, I'm a little nervous about taking Clomid. Not necessarily b/c I'm afraid of having 7 babies (Lord please no...) but b/c I tend to lean on the hypochondriac side. I know -- I know. Just b/c it says "may cause dizziness" doesn't mean you're going to drive off the flippin road b/c the lines are dancing in the street. Ok, maybe I'm not that bad. We'll see how this goes... To be continued... :)