Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spoke too soon...

Hmm... Just last night I was saying to myself.. "..Self. You are doing really good on these 'get your period going meds!.' No moodswings whatsoever!" Then out of the blue-- WHAM! Poor hubby didn't know what hit him. Something he said that normally wouldn't have caused a second thought made me furious and then sparked a stinkin' water fall.

*Sigh*. What did I do? Drive to the nearest starbucks of course!!

I'm much better now. :)


  1. Ha ha...yeah like I said, I definitely had a large sweet tea in my car as we texted...and I didn't mention the $67 worth of American Eagle clothes in the seat beside me...yeah...a little tea...retail therapy...I'm in a much better mood!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  2. Hey there! Welcome to the blogosphere! Sorry you are here on such stinky terms, but know that you will have more support and encouragement than you could imagine through the IF blog girls. They ROCK! Looking forward to reading more about your journey! GOOD LUCK!!