Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My monthly posting.... :)

Well, tis time for the monthly posting on my blog! Update: Round 1 on Femera with trigger shot didn't work. Frustrating, since I had high hopes b/c the clomid rounds didn't work. But, I'm trying to think positively. My RE said that it may take a round of Femera before it really works. We'll see.
Round 2: Last time on day 14, I had one follicle that was a 15. This time on day 14, I had one follicle that was a 19. Much better, right? :) The nurse couldn't see my left ovarie very well. So, I think there was just one mature follicle. We triggered that night, and are now on the forever long 2 week wait. I am praying A LOT, but also trying to keep in mind that God's timing is PERFECT. It may be now, and it may not be. I should find out a week from Thurs.
DH and I are under a lot of stress. Starting a business in this economy is very hard. We are doing everything we can to make it work. Also praying about that... We are with each other practically 24/7. At first it was a little trying, b/c he's the bossman and he keeps telling me what to do! haha-- I laugh about it, but it was/is a little difficult getting used to! :) My rule is we must hug about 10 times a day. Helps the tension.
I'm going to the gym today for the first time. (at this gym anyway) I hate going by myself, especially to a new gym. But DH has a phone conference. Guess I'll just suck it up and go!

On my final note-- I did get to surprise my best friend --(who struggled with infertility issues for over 3 years and is now preggo with twins!) -- by driving 5 hrs to attend her baby shower! She had a very nice shower. I was so excited to see her-- it had been about a year and a half. (at my wedding) Anyhoo, I better get back to work before the bossman comes up here. :)


  1. Sorry the first round of Femara didn't work. I hope this round of it does. I just started my first round of Femara yesterday!

  2. Oooh your round 2 of Femara sounds like our round 1 of Femara which gave us our BFP and our beautiful baby girl which is almost 15wks old now!!! So I hope this is your month. On day 12 or 14 we had a follie that was 17mm and we triggered that night if I remember correctly! I wish you the best! :) I found out I had a bFP at 10dpo with the help of the early response pregnancy test, non-digital ones. They are the best early ones from what I read.
    Anyway, best wishes! God is in control and has a plan but it would be great if it's for now!