Thursday, February 18, 2010

...Can it be???? ....

My mistake: I looked at other people's blogs to see when they got a BFP. Lots of ppl got it on 9-11dpo. So, I tested on those days. HUGE BFN. :( Lots of tears. I skipped days 12-13.

Then 14dpo, I tested again. (not very hopeful though...) I POAS, then waited for the lines to appear. For 30 sec, it was negative and my heart sank. Then, just before I threw it away, this appeared....
My heart jumped to my throat! Is this for real?? Is it a false positive??? When I got to work, I called my RE. They had me come up for bloodwork that morning. After lunch, I got my results:
Beta #1- 215 (needs to be at least 5)
Progesterone- 22 (needs to be at least 15)

So, they scheduled me to come in a week later (21dpo) for more bloodwork. This time:

Beta #2- 2,702 (good!)
Progesterone- 15.5 (ahh! not good!)

The nurse barely got the progesterone level out of her mouth before I shouted "Oh no! That went down!!" They went ahead and put me on prometrium for 30 days to help boost my levels. ***Side note: This stuff makes me insanely emotional when I have to take it for 10 days... 30???? Seriously???***

I came back for more bloodwork on 26dpo to see if the crazy pills were working. Results:

Beta #3- 10, 700
Progesterone- 20.5 (good, it's going back up.)

Whew! These crazy pills are doing their job. Poor DH though! He just gives me a hug, and says "It's not forever... You'll be done w/ them soon." Sweet guy. He should probably hide for the next 17 days though!

You might have noticed that I took down all pics of me that you could see my face. We aren't announcing it to the world for another 2 weeks. (at DH's great grandma's 92nd b-day party... of course we'll wait until the end of the party though.) I'm paranoid that someone will find the blog before then and spread the word. I know, I know. Not completely likely, but still possible. :)

We told our parents this past Friday. They were very excited. First grandchild for my side, and first grandchild for DH's mom. :)

On Tuesday, we went for our first ultrasound. I was very nervous. Although I was trying to think positively, the worst case scenario kept popping in my mind. Especially since I have PCOS. Anyway, DH and I went it and was great! Here's our little one 2 days ago at 6 weeks 5 days:

I said, "There's just one in there, right?". She put my mind to ease when she said that the thing on the right is the yolk sac, soon to be the placenta. Whew! Okay, good! The baby is measuring one day ahead. The heartbeat was 133 beats/min. She said anything over 110 is good. The nurse also said that at this point, the chance of miscarriage is 20%. (YIKES!) But, with such a strong heartbeat, the chance drops to less than 5%. That's better. I'd still rather have zero, but I'll take it.

So, this is our little miracle! I am so thankful. I know that I am NO WHERE NEAR out of the risky time period, so I am praying all the time! I know that God is probably thinking, "Here she goes again.. It's only been 3 min since your last prayer!" :) I'm trying to not look at the glass as half empty, but it's instinct as a way to protect myself. I'm extremely humbled right now..... I'm also praying for you girls who are still TTC. Although I got a BFP 3 weeks ago, I am still very nervous about the 1st trimester....


  1. So Awesome!!! Congratulations!! The worry doesn't end, but I think the Lord understands. ;o)

  2. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see you THREE tomorrow! :o)

  3. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  4. Who's gonna be a grandma? I'm gonna be a Grandma!!! I'm so excited. I could look at the little baby all day...3-D thing. Love you.